Jane Winslow

President, Creative Director


Jane WinslowJane Winslow is a Graphic Designer with marketing savvy, a passion for business, and an enviable arsenal of networked colleagues. She is actively involved with all of her clients and their businesses, striving always to help them make more money by increasing their market presence and by facilitating business connections. That connection, that excitement, is really what gets her going every day. Prior to launching WinSome, Inc. in 1997, Jane honed her craft working as the art director of a glass and ceramic decorator, and then as design manager for a printing company. “You couldn’t ask for better on the job training than working in the printing business,” she says. “It’s a fast-paced environment with tight margins and unforgiving deadlines. It’s about precision and execution with virtually no room for error.” “This experience taught me as much about production as it did about design. It was about much more than paper, inks, bindery, die-cuts, embossing, and spot varnishes. You learn not only how all this amazing stuff works, but more importantly, you learn what it takes to succeed in a very competitive business.” At WinSome, Jane has worked closely with a vast array of clients in both the public and private sectors, producing a portfolio of award-winning projects that carefully craft and deliver clear, crisp marketing messages. “I love what I do, and I’ve been blessed with great clients. Every day is an adventure!” Jane is responsible for marketing and branding, client strategy, and art direction. In addition to design, editing, proof-reading, and managing the firm. Jane can be reached at (509) 946-5755, x700.