Case Studies

Earth & Ocean Systems, Inc.

WinSome Design is expert at extending image and brand for the clients we serve. We often mix new and existing content with our design abilities to show our clients at their best.


Northwest Agricultural Products in Pasco approached WinSome to help brand and launch Earth & Ocean Systems (EOS), their new plant nutrient product line to be distributed through retail merchants across Canada.

Due to the rapidly approaching launch date for the product, package labels were designed in tandem with the logo. Bold colors and tightly cropped photography were used to create distinct different looks from competitors, yet remain cohesive within the brand. We conducted “shelf testing,” placing mocked up EOS products side-by-side with competitors to ensure the products would stand out on shelves.

Presentations at regional garden shows to promote the new products required a table top display system with accompanying postcard hand outs. A new product feature appeared in a regional industry publication, Maximum Yield as the result of media releases. Print ads were later run in that publication.

Less than 90 days after our initial meeting, the product launch went “live.” Our team designed, wrote and animated the website. The Flash opener highlights the EOS difference—plant technology—and the science behind the results.

This was a very cool – and award-winning – project.

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