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Demystifying Websites

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Alphabet Soup

Do you have a website? Did you build it yourself, or have it built? Did you ever need to know what .html, .php, cms, cold fusion, .xhtml, Joomla, Drupal or css were? (Did you start to sweat? Don’t worry—this isn’t a quiz.)

WinSome’s team are proponents of client-managed websites. Yes, it takes potential dollars out of our pockets, so many clients are surprised and concerned that we do not have them sign maintenance contracts with the websites that we create for them. Will we maintain a site for a client? Of course! But if we built a site for you in the last couple of years, more than likely you can do it yourself. I began working with Joomla, a great open source content management system (CMS) about 4 years ago. We’ve created some nice sites in Joomla, and it’s a great system. It can be a little bit confusing though—even for me. I’m a visual person, and I want it to be easy for myself and for my clients.

Last summer, we began working in WordPress. WordPress is also open source and there is a great deal of development and support for it. The best part is, it’s easy to maintain by clients. And it’s easy for us to develop custom sites for clients with that same easy interface. WinSome’s team designs sites and deploys them on the WordPress framework. This is different than buying an inexpensive theme from ThemeForest as some of our competitors do. Our designs are original, and tailored to your business.

What this means to our clients is that they are not pigeon-holed into “well, this is what the template offers.” Our clients can say, “I want a website that does THIS,” and we can do it for them.

DATE: Dec 14, 2011