Michael Page

Michael Page

Visual Communication Specialist | Web Development

Michael Page is a graphic designer with a long history in direct mail, print, and web design. Prior to joining WinSome in 2017, Michael was a freelance designer and worked in pre-press at a well-respected, local commercial printer. He and Jane both volunteer for the Academy of Children’s Theatre, which is how they met. (Their children have known each other for several years, but the parents never connected!)

Michael was hired when WinSome’s work volume reached an all-time high. He hit the ground running with print design and has since become even busier with website design and development, logo design, and video editing. Michael is working closely with Jane and Cameron recreating the Tri-Fun.com website.

Getting personal:
  • Star Wars or Start Trek: Star Wars
  • Nicknames: Miguel, The Paginator, Dad
  • Languages: fluent in English, sci-fi, toddler
  • Favorite color is Reflex Blue
  • Favorite drink: beer
  • Favorite food: steak
  • Can be bribed with: being left alone by his children
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Committees: productivity, nonsense

Michael can be reached at (509) 946-5755, x705.