Jeff Mitchell

Jeff Mitchell

Web Development

Jeff began working with WinSome’s team in 2011. Jeff has extensive programming, development, and database experience, and is adept at the magic and coding behind the websites that our team produces. Jeff handles website hosting for our clients, SiteCare, and email setup through his company, 3dotO. Jeff has worked with us to develop many custom solutions for client websites including reservation systems, membership and coupon redemption systems, and video streaming subscription sites.

In 2017, Jeff added SiteCare options to his web hosting services. Why? Because hackers happen. And unfortunately, bot hack attacks happen often. 3dotO takes cyber security and the integrity of your website personally. While 3dotO’s prices may be higher than some you’ll find shopping for “deals,” you will not find the level of personal service and assurance that you’ll get with 3dotO.

In Jeff’s own words, he “loves a challenge.” Which is great, because we think outside of the box.

Jeff can be reached at (509) 946-5755, x706.


3dotO is our website hosting provider of choice. A lot of companies will sell you cheap hosting, but on over-sold servers. We like to work with a hosting company that creates custom solutions for our clients and provides excellent service. Our pricing and services are listed below.

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