Jane Winslow

Jane Winslow

President | Creative Director

Jane Winslow is a Graphic Designer with marketing savvy, a passion for business, and an enviable arsenal of networked colleagues. She is actively involved with all of her clients and their businesses, striving always to help them make more money by increasing their market presence and by facilitating business connections. More than anything else, Jane wants to help local businesses succeed.

Prior to launching WinSome in 1997, Jane honed her craft working as the art director of a glass and ceramic decorator, and then as design manager for a printing company. At WinSome, Jane has worked closely with a vast array of clients in both the public and private sectors, producing a portfolio of award-winning projects that carefully craft and deliver clear, crisp marketing messages. Jane is responsible for marketing and branding, client strategy, and art direction, in addition to design, editing, proof-reading, and managing the firm.

Getting personal:
  • Star Wars or Star Trek: X-Men or chic flicks
  • Greatest Personal Achievement: yet to happen
  • Kryptonite: cloudy days and dirty dishes
  • Music: country, musicals, pop
  • Favorite color is PMS 18-1763
  • Favorite drinks: coffee or Syrah
  • Favorite food: mom’s chili
  • Can be bribed with: chocolate, wine, or coffee
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate peanut butter ribbon
  • Committees: nonsense, yes committee, no committee

Jane can be reached at (509) 946-5755, x700.