Shipping & Delivery

When Will I Get My Product?

Many of our items are special and made upon request, like custom shoes. The time it takes for you to receive your order includes both crafting and delivery times.

Typically, the making of the product takes 2-5 business days. If you’re in the continental US, shipping is about 3-5 business days. International orders can expect a delivery timeframe of 10-14 days.

Product Type Product Time (Business Days) Delivery Time (Business Days)
2D Apparel 2 – 5 4 – 8
Mug 2 – 5 4 – 8
Fleece Blanket 3 – 5 7 – 10
Quilt Blanket/Bedding 3 – 5 7 – 10
Shoes 4 – 6 7 – 10
All over printed Apparel 4 – 6 7 – 10
Jewelry 3 – 5 7 – 10

Do We Offer International Shipping?

Absolutely! Payments can be made using your local credit card.

Can I Alter My Order’s Destination Country?

Once dispatched, we can’t modify the delivery address or date.

Can I Modify the Shipping Address Within the Same Area?

Before dispatch? Absolutely. After dispatch, even within city bounds? No alterations can be made.

How Can I Tell My Order Has Been Dispatched?

Once ready for dispatch, we’ll email you a shipping alert and tracking number. For items made on demand, like personalized blankets, this typically takes 5-7 days from order. Tracking info is shared with the shipping partner within 48 hours of this email.

Why Isn’t My Tracking Data Updated?

The tracking info updates within 1-2 days post receiving your tracking email. For US orders, expect this around 7 days after your order is processed.

For international orders, this might take up to 10 days post-processing. If still not updated, reach out at [email protected]. We’re here to assist.

Can There Be Delays In Delivery?

At Winsomedesign, we aim for prompt deliveries. Yet, unforeseen events can lead to delays:

  • Holidays: US and international holiday rushes can push back production.
  • International Orders: We do our bit, but can’t control customs or local policies which might delay your order.

What’s The Shipping Fee?

In the Secure Checkout, after entering your delivery details, the shipping fees will automatically appear.

Will I Incur Customs or Duties?

Outside the US? You might be billed for import taxes or duties. These aren’t included in our prices. It’s essential to consult with your local customs for any additional charges.

Package Not Received?

We prioritize all dispatches, even for custom orders. Yet, for occasions, it’s best to order 30 days in advance.

If a delay happens, check your local post office. It might be there.

Order Type Days Since Order Suggested Action
US Orders < 30 Days Wait a bit longer.
> 30 Days Reach out. We’ll refund or send it again.
International Orders < 45 Days A bit more patience.
> 45 Days Let us know. Refund or reship is on us.
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