Logo Development—Must Do

Guidelines for an Ideal Business Logo Design

You will probably agree to the fact that a logo forms a crucial part of your overall brand image. It provides your brand with a distinguishable mark so that people can easily recognize your brand among the crowd. Starting from your website to letterheads to brochures and more, a logo is the first impression of your business to the world. While designing a business logo there is several factors to be considered like shape, size, font, colors, etc. and often businesses are tempted to go for shortcuts so as to save money and time. However, shortcuts tend to produce a lot of headaches in the long run and thus, it is necessary to pay thorough attention to detail to come up with the ideal logo design.

The Logo You Choose should Represent Your Company in an Honest and Unique Manner

Though this may sound obvious but majority of business owners always yearn for something that is similar to what their competitors are using. The logo you choose for business should closely resemble your industry, the characteristic of your company or the competitive advantage that you offer. Therefore, you should carefully consider how to effectively represent the core principles of your business through a unique logo design that is easy to comprehend by the audience.

It should look good in Black and White

There is no doubt about the fact that color plays a crucial part in designing a logo but, you should also consider how it looks only in black and white color. There are times when you may be required to use it only in black and white, for instance in company materials like company checks, faxes, etc. Thus, the business logo design should be done in such a way that it looks good in different colors as well as black and white.

Too Much Detailing should be avoided

Simple designs are easily recognized by people as compared to complex ones. Simple logos enlarge and reduce in a much better way than complicated logos. Simplicity and versatility form an integral part of a logo. A chaotic or busy design is not going to help your business in any way. The basic idea should be to feature something unique or unexpected without being overdrawn.


The aesthetic appeal of the logo should remain consistent in both large and small sizes across different mediums. Using vector instead of raster is always a good idea as the design can be resized according to the requirements without losing out on quality.

Choose Typography Wisely

If you are considering the use of typography within your logo design then, test quite a few fonts of your choice before deciding upon the most suitable one. Typography holds crucial significance and plays a huge role in breaking or making a design. Instead of opting for common fonts, you can search for some new font that can distinguish your design from other designs without compromising on readability, scalability and clarity.

Avoid Photos

Adding an image or a photo to a logo is never a great idea. The biggest problem with adding photos is that vectorization is not possible with photos or images. Problems or issues will surely crop up when it is time for you to use your business in various company collaterals.

Wrapping It Up

A successful design is one that easily distinguishes itself from other designs as well as perfectly conveys the message it has been designed to communicate. Similarly, your logo design should not imitate other designs and maintain its originality and uniqueness in the best manner possible without losing its focus and goal. Designing logos is similar to works of art where creativity, attention to detail and a clear idea holds utmost importance.

DATE: Jun 30, 2017

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