Professional Logo Design

A logo is the cornerstone of a company’s brand. It stands for who they are. Logo elements can include both text and graphic elements, color, and a value statement. A company logo used in advertising and marketing helps potential customers find you and helps existing customers return to you. Logos identify your company as a business—a professional organization. Most people have visual memories. We find ourselves looking for a company’s sign—we know what colors it is, and what shape it is—even if we can’t actually remember the name of the business we are looking for. Graphics matter. Unique graphics matter.

Clip Art
If we remember pictures or graphics, and thus what logos look like, why isn’t it okay to use clip art, or free graphic art, as a logo? The first answer is obvious—your competition can use it too. But more importantly, it isn’t yours. The same goes for online templates at places like Vista Printing. I have seen identical business cards for a bakery, wine sales, accounting, and a dog walker. Really! Create something unique so that people remember YOUR business.

DATE: Nov 27, 2012

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