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Original expression–in words, images, color, texture, shape and graphics–can truly set companies and products apart. Applied psychology, sound marketing principles and an understanding of demographic information make creative sell. Read more about the work we did for Tengara Designs in the Case Studies section of our site.

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  1. I was very sceptical and apriphenseve toward e-cigarettes. I’ve been smoking for over 20 years, and couldn’t see myself quitting any time soon. Then, recently, I had a very unpleasant experience, that made me realise what a filthy and harmful habit that is. I also have a 6 years old girl and a boy about to turn 9. They are both very aware of the dangers and inconveniences involving smoking.So, finally, I decided to give it a try. I’ve got a friend who owns a smoke shop and carries VapCigs brand. He’s been telling that this stuff works, but I would dismiss it out of hand. Boy, am I happy that I did listen to him after all!I got the VC To Go kit in Regular-High flavour to get me started. I was shocked and amazed at how similar the experience is to actual smoking. It gives you a hit on inhalation, produces a lot of smoke-like vapour. Also, it leaves a sweet pleasant aftertaste unlike most cigarettes. There’s no smoke, no odours. Not to mention the freedom of puffing almost anywhere. I have only had 2 or 3 regular smokes in the last 3 days, only because I just had one battery and ran out of juice a couple of times. I’m getting at least one more battery, so I hopefully never find myself reaching out to a traditional cigarette ever again. I like the website and the fact that there’s a mobile version too. There’s plenty of choices for flavours and strengths. Good range of accessories that seem to be very well built. I do have a suggestion for an accessory though, that I think will make a lot of people happy. I’m talking about a PCC (Personal Charger Case). It’s a box, very similar in size (preferably even smaller) and shape to the VC-14 wall-charger. It does have slots for couple of e-cig batteries and a few extra cartomizers, but also has a rechargeable battery built-in to keep your stuff ready and conditioned for a few cycles. It typically has a micro USB port for charging and is capable of holding power for 4-5 ecig battery recharges, before it needs to be juiced up itself.I guess, that’s about it.Thank you guys for the great work!

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